Food and Drink


Why not pop in for a taste of Queenie’s Hotpot? Available all day Monday to Saturday

Queenies Hotpot

See our Sunday Lunches page too!


It’s what we like to do (when we’re not working of course), and we know just how to make sure you can get the best possible drink experience here at the Queen’s. There’s not much we can’t provide you with in terms of both alcoholic beverages and the softer stuff too.

Our draught beers and cider

Are you an ale drinker? Do you like to try a few different ones before you make up your mind what to settle on for the evening? Well, you must try our “Three Thirds” option that allows you to try three different ales for the price of a pint. We always have IPA, Old Speckled Hen, Abbot and one other guest ale on tap

three thirdsBottles Galore

We’ve got a great selection of bottled beers, ciders, spirits, wines and kids’ drinks as you can see below.

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Coffees and Teas

are available all day, we are proud to be the only vendors of Illy coffee in Sandy. We also have a wide selection of speciality teas as well as Monbana hot chocolate and a wide range of Védrenne flavoured syrups.